Important facts about Fresno podcasts

Sergeant Dixon looks at moving from Georgia to leave in Fresno and his reliably plan. Dixon looks history as a Correctional and Law Enforcement Officer. He talks Fresno Fairgrounds, Starbucks, Corina’s Taqueria, Fresno Forestiere Underground Gardens, and managing the Direct TV deals individual in Costco. J.T. talks going to Tioga Middle School in the fall school year and a conceivable exchange to Alta Sierra Middle School. He makes fitting assistant on the show to his associates and instructors from Centennial Elementary School in Fresno. J.T. skips in to remark on Walmart in Fresno podcast and Underground Gardens.


The whole board by then goes to a news story in North Fresno around two respectably made women tolerably going to blows in an adjoining Fresno shopping locale ceasing zone. Rossi Ricco calls into the show and visits with Jason Matthews about how he was duped by the supervisor at a Fresno podcasts Cooling Center. He says he was struck in light of the magazine he read. phrases He what’s more discusses how cool it was in inside and turning down the drifting air through and cooling without guaranteeing.


J.T. calls into the show live in the wake of endeavoring to ride the Fresno Area Express transport down to the Clovis zone. Sergeant Dixon sent him down to the zone to test a hypothesis about how he would be overseen contrastingly on the off chance that he strolled around Clovis from Fresno. Host Jason Matthews visits with co-have Sergeant Maynard Dixon around a request he is having with his neighbor around the Stoney Brook Apartment Complex.


Sergeant Dixon says a neighbor who lives over the road continues revealing to him something in Spanish that he can’t get it. Sergeant Dixon’s other neighbor, Roy Rubenstein, deciphered what the other neighbor said to English. Totally when Sergeant Dixon finds what the comprehension is, he gets disturbed and needs to go up against the neighbor. Matthews by then goes live on zone along the edge of Shaw and Willow with co-have JT. Sergeant Dixon sent J.T. down to the Fresno – Clovis city limits cutoff to test a theory. For more data, read this page.

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